“A goal should scare you a little, and excite you A LOT” ~ Joe Vitale

There couldn’t be a truer statement about how the Perfect Swirl came to be; I’ve been looking at that one on my goal list for years – YEARS! And now I’ve finally done it! I hosted my first cupcake workshop this past Saturday and it was more fun than I ever could have imagined.

It was also a ton of hard work; lots of procrastination, self-doubt and uncertainty, but as they say, the harder you work for something the greater you feel when you finally achieve it. AND I FEEL AMAZING!!!

But enough about me and more about the workshop! Am I right?

It sold out!! Which was an awesome and really unexpected thing. I mean, I had hoped it would, but I wasn’t sure it would and I kept telling myself that even if one person registered I would give them the best workshop of their life!! But as luck and the universe would have it, I got to host eight wonderfully creative women.

Cupcake workshop

Each got their own tool kit that contained the piping tips and bags they would be using to learn four different techniques, and a dozen chocolate and vanilla canvases (cupcakes) to practice on.

Cupcake workshop

There were some absolutely BEAUTIFUL cupcakes being piped by everyone.

Gourmet cupcakes and cakes
Gourmet cupcake workshop
Gourmet cupcake workshop

And sprinkled with a little magic <3

Cocoa Dot Cakes cupcake workshop
Cocoa Dot Cakes cupcake workshop
Cocoa Dot Cakes cupcake workshop

Man, I just love a good sprinkle mix.

We had lots of laughs throughout the morning, which can be chalked up to good times and the sugar high that resulted from a bit of finger licking.

There were also a few instances of frosting being piped directly into mouths.

Cupcake workshop with Cocoa Dot Cakes

Oh, and snacks. Lots of snacks.

Cocoa Dot Cakes workshop

How beautiful are these fruit plates? So gorgeous!

And cheese…because, yes.

Cheese platter at the cupcake workshop

Now for some more cheese…

Thank you to the lovely ladies who came out for my first workshop; you went WAY too easy on me.

Cocoa Dot Cakes a-frame sign

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Big, BIG love to the following #bossbabes for helping me to pull together such a fun event:

Photography: The lovely Stacey of Stacey Krolow Photography

Floral Wall & Arrangements: Amazing Amber of Sheer Florals and Silk

My right-hand and Fruit Plate Designer Extraordinaire: The ever bubbly Arnica of  Sugar & Spice Beauty Bar

And in case you were wondering, my amazing intergalactic marshmallow/opalescent nails were artfully done by Gabby Decicco of Sugar & Spice Beauty Bar