Cocoa Dot Cakes was born from a passion
Cocoa Dot Cakes was born from a passion
Cocoa Dot Cakes was born from a passion

Cocoa Dot Cakes is a gourmet cake and cupcake bakery, based in beautiful Kamloops, BC

It turns out that the world is a better place with cakes. So, in pursuit of making the world a little bit happier through tasty cakes and fresh, locally sourced flavours – Cocoa Dot Cakes was born.

Food is not just my passion, it is a part of who I am. Growing up in an isolated community in Northern BC, my mom spent a lot of time preparing wholesome meals that we enjoyed family-style, always seated together at the kitchen table.

As a special weekly treat, we were permitted to eat dinner cross-legged in front of the TV on Friday nights; for those 90s kids out there, you’ll remember that Friday Night was TGIF night and it also meant homemade pizza night and fighting with my sister over who got to drink the pineapple juice my mom drained off the tidbits!

My passion for cooking and baking comes from spending hours in the kitchen with my mom and Granny. Food was always at the centre of every gathering, and we always had WAY too much: Christmas Eve was always at least 5 or 6 different homemade appetizers, birthday parties were elaborate cakes and treats, Saturday afternoon was a charcuterie platter while we watched The French Chef and Frugal Gourmet on PBS.

It wasn’t until I got through two years of University that I realized a traditional career was not for me. After some soul-searching and self-reflection, I switched to the Culinary Arts Program and the rest is history.

In 2007, I started making cupcakes and cakes for family and friends for their special occasions as a way for me to pursue my love of baking. It took me almost seven years of telling myself that baking was “just a hobby” to finally take the leap and follow my heart and in 2013, Cocoa Dot Cakes was born and we’ve done nothing but grow since then!

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